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Business English

Do you find it difficult to communicate as you would like in the workplace? Is your English holding back your career development? Why not try online Business English lessons with me? I am a highly experienced Business English teacher who has helped many English learners improve their language skills for the workplace. I can help you to write better emails and reports, to communicate more effectively in presentations and meetings and to learn how to master effective communication for work. Business English lessons are available one-to-one or in a group format with a maximum of four students. Contact me for more information!


One-to-one Business English

  • 5 lessons = £250 (no saving)
  • 10 lessons = £450 (save 10%)
  • 15 lessons = £600 (save 20%)


Group Business English

  • 2 students = £70 per lesson (save 30%)
  • 3 students = £90 per lesson (save 40%)
  • 4 students = £100 per lesson (save 50%)

If you are a busy person with lots of things to do, thousands of projects to develop, millions of issues to solve then lessons with Jonathan provide a solution. I could manage my schedule with complete flexibility and review the levels and goals all the time. With a short effort and a lot of help from Jonathan I became a better speaker in a couple of weeks.


This is the most effective way to learn English. The best thing about it is its fun. The lesson is exactly customised. If I like a different lesson or a subject it’s no problem. I’m 50 years old now and I was in many different English classes in Switzerland but to improve my English in such a short space of time so efficiently is incredible. 


I am very satisfied because I found the right teacher in Jonathan and made great progress. I could get a new job in Italy as a fashion designer after practising my English with Jonathan.


An excellent course! I have taken it during 1 year approximately (weekly) and the results were fantastic. To speak with a English native person is highly recommended for improving the language. The method for the class (you have to see the display/monitor in your PC only) is very good too. At the same time the teacher Jonathan is very good and friendly.


I learned more in these last 10 lessons than I had with Jonathan through my company Sika than I learned in the past 2 years.


After I found the teacher on Skype, all the old problems went away: to find a native speaking teacher in your area, to arrange the time of the lessons that suits to me and it is not too late for the teacher has been great. You can have your English lesson wherever you are. The teacher is very flexible, he always fits the lessons to my needs. He records the lessons and sends the file to you after the lessons and a bit later you get the feedback about the class. All these things are very useful for me because I can review the earlier lessons anytime.