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Design science teaching: Build a lesson with three conversation questions

About this routine

This routine uses three conversation questions to build a teaching and learning framework.

The routine

1 Show students three conversation questions in a Wordwall Unjumble activity. Students work on their own and try to reconstruct the questions. They write answers on mini-whiteboards and then use Wordwall to check the answers.

Example questions on the topic of immigration

  1. Could you imagine yourself living in a foreign country for the rest of your life?
  2. What problems do immigrants face after moving to a new country?
  3. What should host countries do to make the lives of immigrants easier?

2 Give students one minute of time to prepare to answer a question. They use whiteboards to make notes.

3 Students talk about each question for two minutes. Use a timer and allocate one minute of speaking time to each learner. Say change when students should change speaker.

4 When students have finished do a round table plenary in which each learner should summarise what their partner told them.

5 During the plenary, take notes on student language and present it in the form of an incorrect and correct option. Get students to decide which of the two options is correct and why.

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