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What is Instavocab?

Instavocab is for English learners with Instagram accounts who like learning English on their favourite platform. I have an Instagram account where I post daily vocabulary based on a word of the week topic. Every day, there is one interesting phrase, noun or idiomatic expression to learn. That means you could learn seven new things every week!

How much does this service cost?

Instavocab costs just £5 a month. You can pay this via a subscription on Paypal which you can cancel at any time you like. My Instagram profile is currently private for non-subscribers but after you pay for your subscription I will add you as a new follower  for the duration of your subscription.


How does it work?

There is a clear definition of the meaning of the new vocabulary as well as an example sentence showing the meaning. In addition, there is also a learning tip which gives you bonus information about the new vocabulary.

Comments and interaction

You can comment on my posts and interact with me and others about them. Feel free to ask me any questions you like about the new vocabulary or to even try your own examples sentences using the new language.

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