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Online teacher training

My online teacher training is for English teachers who are interested in learning more about how to teach English online. I have been teaching English online since 2005, so I have built up a wealth of knowledge related to best practice for online teaching and setting up as an online teacher.

How much does this service cost?

Online teacher training sessions are available at £40 for an hourly session. You can purchase these sessions individually rather than in a package which is the normal system for lessons. This is because I believe you will prefer the flexibility of buying sessions as and when you need them.

Online Teacher training

  • Learn how to teach English online
  • £40 per 60 minute session
  • Visit this page for more information

What can I learn?

The content of online teaching training is determined completely by you. We will have preliminary discussions to find out what your skills / knowledge gap currently is and then focus entirely on those needs.

Possibly your shortfall lies in pedagogical areas – in that case, we would focus on the methodology of teaching English online as a form of one-to-one teaching. Perhaps you simply lack knowledge in the practical aspects of online teaching such as how to share a screen with a learner or how to share files with learners. It could be a combination of the two areas.

Whatever your needs are, we will focus only on what you need to learn – nothing more.

How many sessions would I need?

This would depend entirely on how big your skills/knowledge gap was. In my experience, most teachers need only a few sessions to focus on very specific problems.

How do you approach online teacher training?

My aim is to make sessions highly practical and to give you the opportunity to practise what you need for online teaching. You will have the chance to share sample lessons and activities which we can run though together and discuss.

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