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Portfolio development: Week 12

General format

I retitled the portfolio from a writing portfolio to a learning portfolio. It’s now two sides of A4 for each day. The total contents are as follows:

  1. Space for twelve lines of daily writing
  2. Space for three items of peer feedback
  3. Space for five items of teacher feedback (increasing to eight next week)
  4. Space for three lines of learning targets
  5. Space for eight items of daily vocabulary
  6. Space for writing three sentences using the daily vocabulary
  7. Space for recording ten language points for the day


The current approach is for learners to do peer feedback on each other’s writing and to note down three problems. I will leave more space for myself to note feedback problems for the next day. This is an improvement on the previous approach in that learners are actually doing something with the feedback rather than just passively receiving it.

Things that need improving

  1. The example sentences students write should be peer reviewed in class
  2. You should keep the writing of questions about the writing even if students don’t record it

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