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What is proofreading?

I check your written English for you and send it back to you corrected. You will need to send me a file first so I can review your writing. We will agree a deadline for returning the file and I will return your file to you before your deadline. After that you will then pay for the cost of the proofreading work.

How much does this service cost?

Any job under 1000 words in length will cost £40 regardless of how many words there are. If a job has more than 1000 words then the proofreading rate will apply which is £0.04 per word. For example, if you sent me a 1500 word essay it would cost £60 in total (£40 flat fee + £0.04 X 500).


  • £40 any job under 1000 words
  • £0.04 per word after 1000 words
  • Visit this page for more information

How do you do the work?

I will edit your document in Microsoft Word. I will use the tracking feature so you can see every edit in the document. Deleted words are in red and new words are in blue. This makes it easy for you to see what was changed in the file.


Please note that this is a proofreading service only. I will not write your work for you. Your writing must have a certain minimum standard of quality before I check it. When I review your work, if it does not meet this standard I will let you know.

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