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What is the Q and A service?

With the Q and A service, you can ask me questions about English on Skype any time you like and I will reply to your directly on Skype! You can ask me questions about anything that is English related!

How much does this service cost?

The Q and A service  costs £30 a month. However, you can ask an unlimited number of questions in that time. You can cancel your subscription at any time and it will continue to the end of the month.

Q and A service

  • Ask English questions via Skype chat
  • Same day detailed answers via Skype
  • Visit this page for more information

Get a free trial question!

Not sure about the Q and A service? No problem. You can ask me a free trial question to see if you like the service or not. If you are satisfied with my answer, you can start a subscription; if not, you don’t lose anything.

How to start?

Add me first to your Skype contacts (englishteacherjonathan is my user name). Send me a message on Skype to say you are interested in this service. After we discuss things a little and you are ready to begin you can start your subscription!


The Q and A service is not a proofreading service. It is about asking questions only. You may not for example send a 5,000 word essay and ask me to correct it. For that you would need to use my proofreading service.

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