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1 Cancellation Policy

You are free to cancel or reschedule a lesson, but please do so before the day of the lesson. Cancellations on the day of the class will result in the loss of that lesson from your package. This policy is in effect even in cases of illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

2 Changes to My Lesson Schedule

I may occasionally need to adjust the time slots available for lessons. If you are currently enrolled and a change occurs, please understand that refunds cannot be issued based on these schedule changes.

3 Lateness for Lessons

Timeliness is essential. If you are late, I will wait for up to ten minutes. After this time, the lesson will be considered cancelled, and it will be counted as used in your package.

4 Lesson Terminations

In rare cases, I may decide to discontinue lessons with a student who consistently struggles with my teaching methods or displays immature or disrespectful behaviour, but only after their current lesson package is completed.

5 My Lesson Cancellations

I aim to maintain a 100% presence for all scheduled lessons, but there may be occasions when I must cancel a lesson due to personal reasons, possibly even on the day of the lesson.

6 Lesson Expiry

If there is a break in your lessons for a period of one month from the date of your last lesson without prior notification, your lessons will expire. A £30 reactivation charge will need to be paid to restart your lessons.

7 Refunds

Please note that once a package is purchased, refunds are not available under any circumstances.

8 Regular Study Times

While I strive to provide consistent weekly lesson times, please be aware that these may sometimes need to change, for example, if another student books your usual slot. Flexibility is appreciated, and longstanding students are given priority for lesson times.

9 Sharing Lessons

Lesson packages are intended for individual use and cannot be shared with others, such as friends or family. Each person interested in lessons must purchase their own package.

10 Studying in a Quiet Environment

If you are studying from home and have young children, please ensure you have a quiet space for your English lessons. If your environment is too noisy, it may not be possible to continue with the lessons.