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About terms

Please note that I operate as a sole trader rather than a business. My terms do not carry any legal weight and are nothing more than my own personal preferences regarding the conditions on which I teach. By purchasing lessons with me, we enter into a verbal agreement in which I promise to deliver your lessons to you unless you in some way fail to comply with my terms.

1 Cancellation policy

You can cancel or reschedule a lesson but you must cancel it before the day of the lesson. If you cancel the lesson on the same day of the class, then you will lose it from your package. Please note that this rule applies even if you are ill or because of a situation you have no control over.

2 Changes to my lesson schedule

I may make changes to the time slots that are available for lessons. If you are currently studying with me and this happens, you may not ask for a refund because your usual study time is no longer available.

3 Lateness for lessons

You must be on time for your lessons. I will wait a maximum of ten minutes for you to come to your class. If you haven’t arrived in ten minutes, your lesson is cancelled and you will lose it from your package.

4 Lesson terminations

I may sometimes choose to stop teaching students who are not able to adapt to my teaching methods or who show immature or disrespectful attitudes during lessons. This only happens once a lesson package is completed.

5 My lesson cancellations

I try to be available for all of my lessons 100% of the time but there are times when my personal circumstances mean I must cancel a lesson myself. You must accept that this can happen even on the same day of the lesson.

6 Lesson expiry

If you stop taking lessons for a three-month period, your lessons will expire completely and you will have to buy a new package of lessons if you want to continue.

7 Refunds

Refunds are not issued under any circumstances.

8 Regular study times

When possible you can have a fixed and regular study time with me each week. However, this time will sometimes change if for example another student books the same time before you do. You will need to have some flexibility about the times you can study with me. Also note that students who have been studying with me for a long time have priority when it comes to lesson scheduling.

9 Sharing lessons

When you buy a package of lessons, they are for yourself. This means it won’t be possible to share lessons you have purchased with other people such as friends or family members. If a different person wants lessons, they will have to make a purchase for themselves.

10 Studying in a quiet environment

If you have young children and you are studying at home, please ensure that you have a quiet environment in which you can study English. If it’s too noisy around you in your house, I may not be able to work with you.

11 Subject to change

All terms and conditions are subject to change and retrospective application.