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I started the lessons with Jonathan to prepare for the CAE exam, especially the writing and speaking parts. He helped me understand the format of the exam and he gave me very good feedback in order to improve my grammar, syntax and vocabulary. He has lots of exam preparation materials which helps a lot and he always takes time to answer any questions you may have. Studying with Jonathan was both interesting and fun and it gave me confidence for the exam.


Jonathan helped me to prepare myself for the CAE exam, especially for the Speaking part. I improved quickly in this task, as he taught me to have a strategy for the conversations, to handle the time pressure and to get a routine. I appreciated his well structured lessons and the helpful homework he gave me. Jonathan is a highly encouraging teacher, I can definitely recommend him.

I have been preparing for my CAE exam with Jonathan for some months and I really must say that the course was extremely useful. The lessons were not only interesting but also challenging. Jonathan was always perfectly prepared and had a lot of good material in stock. He always had a good explanation for all of my questions and I really learned a lot. I left the examination room with a good feeling. Thank you very much, Jonathan!