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About me

My name is Jonathan and I’m an English teacher from Britain. I have been giving high quality online English lessons using Skype since 2005. My online English lessons have helped learners from all over the world to become better language users.

An experienced teacher

If you want a teacher with a lot of teaching expertise, then I’m right for you. With 24 years of total English teaching experience and 14 years of online teaching I have the professional background to get fantastic results with my English learners.

How lessons work

Talk via Skype

Talk to me in your English lesson using Skype. Enjoy high quality audio in your lesson using a tool that most people already have and know how to use. Message me if you need to talk about lessons too!

Shared screen

You will be able to see your lesson in real-time using the screen-sharing feature on Skype. You will see real-time feedback on your screen from my computer and even be able to use video in your lessons!

Feedback on your English

During a lesson, I will listen to how you use English and give you feedback on your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. I will make notes in a lesson document which I send after the lesson.

Fully customised lessons

My lessons will be 100% customised to your learning needs. This means you will only practise what you need to practise and nothing else. Customised lessons mean you take control of your learning.

Dialogue based learning

My teaching is based on communication with the learner. This means you will be practising your speaking skills at all times in a lesson and learning to improve skills in a natural context.

Get lesson after class

Your lesson is recorded in a Microsoft Word format. This means you will have organised, well-presented lesson notes in every class which will be shared with you or sent to you by email after the lesson.

Paypal or credit card

You can pay for lessons using either your Paypal account or a credit card. To buy lessons simply visit the shop page in the website. Invoices can be provided for your company if required. 100% secure.

Easy lesson bookings

You can book your lessons yourself using my website. It’s an easy to use and understand system. Visit the book page to book your lessons or cancel lessons when you need to using the same page.

One-to-one specialist

I am a specialist one-to-one teacher so I know how to work best with individual learners. I adapt my teaching style to suit each learner precisely and know how to optimise the learner experience.

How to start

What you need


Use Skype to talk to me in a lesson. This will give us the best audio quality in our lessons so we can hear each other clearly. Download this wonderful program for free from the Skype website.

Good Internet connection

You will need a good, stable Internet connection. When we meet for our demo class, we can test your Internet connection to see if it’s fast enough for online English lessons.

Headset microphone

A headset microphone will give you the best possible audio quality in your lessons. It will be much better if you use a headset and not the built-in microphone on your tablet or PC.

Other services