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An online teacher

My name is Jonathan and I’m an English teacher from the UK. I started teaching English in 1995 and then moved to online teaching in 2005. I am passionate about high quality online education and I have helped many learners from all over the world improve their English.

An experienced teacher

I am a teacher with  experience of working with all kinds of students from all kinds of backgrounds. I teach online but I also have a lot of classroom teaching experience as well. My specialisation is in teaching students one-to-one which is something I love doing.

Teaching success

I have helped my online students to pass job interviews, to pass English exams like IELTS, to emigrate to other countries and simply to become more confident about using English! Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your learning objectives!

My teaching style

My philosophy is that every lesson must be interesting, challenging and fun. I believe in making my lessons natural learning experiences and not boring and grammar-focused. I try to communicate with my learners in an authentic, warm and friendly way!

About the lessons

Study on Zoom (or Skype if you prefer)
60 minute lessons
You choose when to study
General English or Specialist English
Pay via Paypal or credit card
Your own Google Classroom space

How it works

Lessons via Zoom/Skype

I teach my students using Zoom or Skype software. This makes a virtual classroom with audio/video and a shared screen. Click on the Zoom link to join your lesson a few minutes before it starts.


You will get feedback on your English in every lesson. As you speak, I will make notes on a second computer. We review all the problems in your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation! A great way to learn.