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About me

My name is Jonathan and I’m an online English teacher from Britain. I have been giving high quality online English lessons using Skype since 2005. My online English lessons have helped learners from all over the world to become better language users.

Studying English online is a great way to improve your language skills. It’s convenient because you can study from home via computer. But it’s more than that. Studying with me means you focus exactly on your learning needs with an experienced language teacher who can help you to improve all your English skills.

I work as an online English teacher because I’m passionate about working with people from all over the world to help them achieve their dreams. I also love working with technology to develop innovative new teaching approaches. I don’t see my job as work but as pure enjoyment!

Why study English online with me?

If you want a teacher with a lot of teaching expertise, then I’m right for you. With 20 years of total English teaching experience and 10 years of online teaching I have the professional background to get fantastic results with my English learners.

If you want a teacher who believes in making English lessons fun, interesting and challenging, then I’m right for you. For me, these are the three key features of the learning process. Lessons need to be fun, interesting and challenging and I put all my effort into creating that kind of lesson.

If you want a teacher who works to take the stress out of learning then I’m right for you. I believe in having a positive, supportive relationship with all my students and they will all tell you how patient I am as a teacher. I want my learners to be relaxed, to make mistakes and fall in love with English.

Key points about my lessons

My Teaching Experience
My teaching experience

University graduate (English BA)
CELTA qualified
British native speaker
Clear, neutral British English accent
Teaching English for 20+ years
Teaching English online for 10+ years
10,000+ hours online experience
Taught in schools and universities

What You Can Learn
What you can learn

Conversation practice
English for job interviews
English for work (Business English)
Listening skills development
Pronunciation and accent reduction
Reading skils development
Vocabulary activity subscriptions
Writing skills development

What Makes Me Different
What makes me different

Deeper teaching experience
Professional attitude to work
Using TeamViewer in lessons
Better language expertise
60 minute lessons
More mature teaching system
A full-time online teacher
Better inter-cultural competence
Incredibly patient and supportive

Other English services

How to start learning English with me

Apply For A Free Skype Demo
Apply for a free Skype demo

Try before you buy with a free demo via Skype. In the demo, you can see how everything works and we can talk more about your learning objectives. Visit the Contact page to apply for your free demo.

Download TeamViewer
Download TeamViewer

Be ready for the demo by downloading the correct version of TeamViewer for the demo and our possible future lessons. To download TeamViewer visit the download links at the bottom of every page in my site.

Schedule A Time For Your Demo
Schedule a time for your demo

After I receive your application, I will reply to you via email to schedule your free demo class. I will also add you to my Skype contacts list so that we’ll be ready to talk to each other in the demo on Skype.

Buy Your Lessons
Buy your lessons

Before you start studying with me, you will need to buy your lesson. You can do this from my site by using the shop. You can pay using your Paypal account or a credit card through Paypal. Fully secure payments!

What you need to study online


Use Skype to talk to me in a lesson. This will give us the best audio quality in our lessons so we can hear each other clearly. Download Skype for free from the Skype website.

Headset Microphone
Headset microphone

A headset microphone will give you the best possible audio quality in your lessons. It will be much better if you use a headset and not the built-in microphone on your tablet or PC.

TeamViewer Quick Join
TeamViewer Quick Join

You will need the free program TeamViewer QuickJoin so you can see the lesson from my computer. You can download this program from the links at the bottom of this page.

Good Internet Connection
Good Internet connection

You will need a good, stable Internet connection. When we meet for our demo class, we can test your Internet connection to see if it’s fast enough for online English lessons.

A Gmail Account
A Gmail account

I share my lesson materials with students by using Google Drive. It will be more convenient for you if I use your Gmail address for this. If you don’t have one, please sign-up.

Any Kind Of Platform
Any kind of platform

You can have lessons from every platform apart from phones. You can have lessons via Windows PCs, Mac computers, Linux systems, Chromebooks and even tablets!

How my lessons work

Fully Customised Lessons
Fully customised lessons

My lessons will be 100% customised to your learning needs. This means you will only practise what you need to practise and nothing else. Customised lessons mean you take control of your learning.

Feedback On Your English
Feedback on your English

During a lesson, I will listen to how you use English and give you feedback on your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. I will make notes in a lesson document which I send after the lesson.

Communicative Methodology
Communicative methodology

My teaching is based on communication with the learner. This means you will be practising your speaking skills at all times in a lesson and learning to improve skills in a natural context.

Real-time Classroom
Real-time classroom

See the lesson in real-time using TeamViewer. Experience interactive learning by seeing my computer screen on yours. A visual way of learning that’s better than just using Skype alone.

60-minute Lessons
60-minute lessons

Get better value for your money in my system with 60-minute English lessons! Most online English teachers will only offer you 45 or 50 minute lessons. More learning value for money!

Listen To Your Lesson Again
Listen to your lesson again

It’s possible to listen to your lesson again via an MP3 file which I will share with you after the lesson. Helps you to understand more about your pronunciation and native speaker language.

Accessing Lesson Files
Accessing lesson files

I will make a Google Drive folder and share it with you via Gmail. You can access all lesson files and materials from the folder. All lesson materials will be securely stored in the cloud!

Choose Webcam Or Not
Choose webcam or not

In my lessons, you can choose if you want to use a webcam in the lesson or not. During a lesson we can use the TeamViewer webcam which is a small window in the bottom of the screen.