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Ksenia from Russia

In this audio clip, Ksenia from Russia (Upper-Intermediate) is working on speaking skills. This is an example of my organic approach to working on speaking skills; as Ksenia is speaking I am noting her errors and thinking of new vocabulary to share with her. Notice the relaxed approach to the way I teach.

Monica from Spain

In this audio clip, Monica from Spain (Advanced) is working on her pronunciation. We are listening to an audio recording I made of her speaking and reviewing it together. I’m focusing on the problem words and sounds and giving examples where necessary.

Liang from China

In this audio clip, Liang from China (Advanced) and I are writing a dialogue together which can help Liang in his professional work. As he is speaking, I’m typing his sentences on the screen and correcting his English at the same time.

Eva from Slovenia

In this audio clip, Eva from Slovenia (Advanced) talks about a subject from the lesson topic and then I help her with one phrase that she used by suggesting the correct vocabulary in English to say it.

Svetlana from Russia

In this audio clip, Svetlana from Russia (Upper-intermediate) is reviewing the vocabulary we have done in a lesson on the topic of accidents. I am asking her questions to see if she can remember the correct way to use accident-related vocabulary.

Irena from Slovenia

In this audio clip, I’m giving Irena from Slovenia (Post-Proficiency) feedback on her pronunciation during the lesson. I give an example of the pronunciation of the words (vehementlyharassmentcovered and atheist) and give example words to help her to remember the pronunciation form.

Kazuyo from Japan

In this audio clip, Kazuyo from Japan (Advanced) works on listening skills by listening to an audio extract from the BBC Words in the News website. She takes notes on what she hears and reads the notes to me. She then listens a second time to improve her understanding of the audio.

Anya from Russia

In this complete 60-minute lesson, I am teaching Anya from Russia (Pre-Intermediate level) a review lesson on comparative and superlative adjectives in English.In this complete 60-minute lesson, I am teaching Anya from Russia (Pre-Intermediate level) a review lesson on comparative and superlative adjectives in English.

Marco from Italy

In this clip, Marco from Italy (Proficiency level) is preparing for the speaking section of his Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) test. The lesson focused on the theme of education and here Marco is giving is opinion on the topic of corporal punishment. Marco got an A grade in his final exam result!

Rosana from Brazil

In this lesson, Rosana from Brazil (Upper-Intermediate) is practicing her speaking skills in a lesson about the news and the media. Here, she’s giving her opinion about celebrity culture and I help her with the vocabulary gossip and go the hairdressers.

Thomas from Greece

In this audio clip, I’m giving Thomas from Greece (Pre-Intermediate) a writing assignment to do after the class. Thomas then says some nice things about my lessons.