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I’ve worked with Jonathan for quite some time and can with no doubt recommend him. He has successfully prepared me for Proficiency and thereby brought my English onto another level. His lessons were always well-structured and the summarising notes very helpful. He used variety of materials and modified them depending on my individual needs. Jonathan always had sufficient answers to my never ending questions, and when it came to exam questions – his techniques made them look easy and straightforward. All in all, I think that Jonathan is a very competent teacher.


Thanks to Jonathan’s lessons I successfully passed the CPE Exam. Based on my needs, we focused on the Speaking and Writing part. I got a routine and I felt very confident at the exam. He did an excellent job, as I had good results in both parts. Jonathan’s lessons are well structured and he is a humourous guy which helps to be motivated for the lessons.

“I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.” (Oscar Wilde). This quote succinctly summarizes my experience with Jonathan. After looking at different traditional “brick and mortar” language schools I tried to find an alternative that would better suit my needs. I didn’t want to spend six to twelve months in a standard program, which would not factor in my individual requirements.

Jonathan is a brilliant teacher on all levels. I was impressed how well he was able to identify where and why I was struggling. He knows every detail of the CPE by heart and is able to develop individual problem solving strategies for the different parts of the exam instantly.

The Proficiency not only requires a very high level of English, you also need to know exactly what is asked of you and in which way you need to solve the different tasks. After the preparation with Jonathan there were no surprises whatsoever in the exam. This allowed me to focus on the content of the exam and reduced the intensity of the situation during the exam substantially.

Although the lessons with Jonathan were intense and demanding, they never really felt that way. He is a very positive and encouraging teacher, focusing on your strengths and at the same time making sure you’re being challenged.

Jonathan enabled me to prepare for the Proficiency in very short period of time. I’ve never taken a Cambridge exam before and passed the Proficiency with a B grade, only 3 marks short of the A grade. I think this speaks for itself.

Jonathan later helped me prepare for the IELTS exam for which I obtained an 8.5 band score.

Last but not least Jonathan is a great guy and it was a real pleasure working with him.


Jonathan helped me prepare for my CPE. He walked me through all parts of the exam with a perfect mix of encouragement, honest feedback and practical tips. So when the big day arrived, I knew exactly what to expect and felt confident about tackling each task. It went really well! Now Jonathan continues to work with me on business English and science topics. He is a very kind and competent teacher who creatively adapts the curriculum to your needs and skills. It’s the first time I try online lessons and find them very effective: thanks to Jonathan’s experience as an online teacher you forget amazingly quickly you’re actually bridging the distance from your home to the UK!


I have been working with Jonathan for the last two and a half years. I got in contact with him because I needed some help in order to get the Certificate of Proficiency in English. I was looking for a native teacher, with a deep knowledge of English and reliability in his or her schedules. Jonathan meets all these requirements and, at the same, time he has a variety of resources that have helped me greatly. I believe that hiring him has been a very good decision. I have not only passed the exam but also my writing, use of English, speaking and spelling have improved dramatically during these two and a half years working with him. The money that I have spent on these classes has paid off with a good result and Jonathan will continue being my teacher.


Having decided to take a CPE exam, I was particularly worried about the speaking test. What I needed was an opportunity to regularly practice speaking and, even more, I needed confidence. Jonathan did a great job in providing me with both. The lessons were varied and challenging and would always help me push beyond my limits. Jonathan’s feedback was useful, punctual but never encumbering. Above all, he helped me boost my confidence with his encouragement and with his practical suggestions on how to approach the exam. After our lessons, the actual speaking test was easy as pie. I passed the exam at grade A, and it’s not a coincidence that Speaking was recognized as my strongest point.