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I really like it as it’s highly structured unlike most of the individual lessons I’ve ever had; Each time there’s a clear topic, objective and assignment. In addition, I genuinely appreciate the frequent corrections, as that’s what I crave for lessons in order to improve my English.


Jonathan is a superb teacher and his study method really works. Three classes sufficed to successfully prepare my C1 speaking exam of the Languages Official School. He definitely helped me to have more confidence in my conversational skills.


To have English lessons via Skype is very effective and comfortable. Jonathan has good pedagogical knowledge, he suits the lesson to your needs. We had very interesting discussions based on different subjects that help you improve your conversation skills. All in a nice and very friendly atmosphere!


It was very important for me to improve my English quickly and I was surprised after some lessons online with Jonathan. He suited the lessons to my needs and it was very effective for me. His methods were very different from the other online schools and I was able to have discussions about different topics in a short time. Moreover, it was very pleasant and interesting to talk with a friendly teacher. Thanks! 


It’s a sophisticated, easily understandable teaching system with very flexible lesson booking and ever-ready teachers with excellent pronunciation. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.


I believe in this method. It’s more interactive and more interesting and it’s no problem if you don’t see the teacher.


Everyone who wants to improve his or her English mustn’t miss the chance to have some lessons online with Jonathan. You will be impressed. 


I would like to thank you for our lessons. They were very interesting and important for me. You are a great teacher and you have a wonderful teaching style. Thank you very much my teacher!


I improved my language from beginner to intermediate level by learning English with Jonathan in a few months’ time. I speak much more freely and grammatically correct than before. This training has helped me overcome the language barrier. All our lessons were very interesting and visual and I really enjoyed it. 


I wasn’t sure if I would learn something using Jonathan’s method, but after taking my lessons, I have to say the system he uses is fantastic. He controls the new technology like no-one else, but the most important and valuable thing is that he knows how to teach. He knows how to motivate students doing their learning process much more easily.


I would describe Jonathan as a professional, supportive and highly knowledgeable teacher who is able to bring out the best from his students. I contacted him because I wanted to refresh my English and, as an Italian teacher of English, I found his lessons very inspiring, motivating and challenging. His one-to-one lessons are certainly among the most effective ways of learning English and improving language proficiency. Keep doing a great job Jonathan! 


Learning English never was that easy. I forgot about those days in which learning English was hard and boring. I don’t feel I have to do it but quite the opposite I feel I want to learn because now is easier than ever. What I like most about Jonathan’s way of teaching is the number of different ways he knows to teach you. He tries different ways of teaching until you feel comfortable with one of them and even if he is very flexible and wants you to be part in your learning process; he never forgets that the aim of the lesson is for you to learn.