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“I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.” (Oscar Wilde). This quote succinctly summarizes my experience with Jonathan. After looking at different traditional “brick and mortar” language schools I tried to find an alternative that would better suit my needs. I didn’t want to spend six to twelve months in a standard program, which would not factor in my individual requirements.

Jonathan is a brilliant teacher on all levels. I was impressed how well he was able to identify where and why I was struggling. He knows every detail of the CPE by heart and is able to develop individual problem solving strategies for the different parts of the exam instantly.

The Proficiency not only requires a very high level of English, you also need to know exactly what is asked of you and in which way you need to solve the different tasks. After the preparation with Jonathan there were no surprises whatsoever in the exam. This allowed me to focus on the content of the exam and reduced the intensity of the situation during the exam substantially.

Although the lessons with Jonathan were intense and demanding, they never really felt that way. He is a very positive and encouraging teacher, focusing on your strengths and at the same time making sure you’re being challenged.

Jonathan enabled me to prepare for the Proficiency in very short period of time. I’ve never taken a Cambridge exam before and passed the Proficiency with a B grade, only 3 marks short of the A grade. I think this speaks for itself.

Jonathan later helped me prepare for the IELTS exam for which I obtained an 8.5 band score.

Last but not least Jonathan is a great guy and it was a real pleasure working with him.


My name is Manhal and I am from Syria. My plan was to emigrate to Canada but for a long time I was afraid about getting the score I needed on IELTS (6.5). But after my lessons with Jonathan I’ve now got a 6.5 (Writing 7, Speaking 7, Listening 7, Writing 5.5) and now I am completing my documents for emigration. Really  I appreciate Mr Jonathan for teaching me and for all his hard efforts.


To be able to fully satisfy the entry requirements of the British University I had to pass the IELTS exam with no less then 6.0 overall. When I started taking lessons with Jonathan my score was 5.5. The lessons were very logical and structured, interesting and entertaining. After a very short period of time I passed the exam with confidence. I got a 6.5 (L7.0, R7.0, W6.0, S6.0). I definitely will continue to study English with Jonathan and try to take FCE, CAE and maybe CPE in future. I really appreciate Jonathan for his help, he’s a very professional English teacher! 


I started studying English in Jan 2005 in the UK. My level then was not so good; I was in the beginner class and it was very hard to do things in Britain like get a job. I had private online lessons for the IELTS exam because I needed to go to university in the UK in Sheffield. After six months of lessons with Jonathan I passed my IELTS exam with 7,8,7 and 7 – which was more than I needed. For me, this was incredible because my English was poor in January.


Jonathan helped me to get a fantastic result in the IELTS test which was much better than I could have hoped for – it was a bit unexpected for me to be honest. His lessons were always thorough and very professionally organised. It wasn’t easy to pass the test but Jonathan helped me feel much more ready for it when the time came. I can recommend his lessons to anyone who wants to take the IELTS test with online tuition.


In spite of taking the IELTS test more than 10 times, I was not able to get 7.0 in writing because before I had an English teacher who was not an expert in the test. However, my writing skill has miraculously improved through lessons with Jonathan, even though it was a relatively short time. My latest score is: Listening 7.0 Reading 8.0 Writing 7.0 Speaking 8.0 overall 7.5. This result is more than I expected and good enough to apply for my university course in the UK. If you are struggling with IELTS, I strongly recommend you to study with Jonathan. His flexible teaching methods and passion will definitely make you reach your desired result.