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I’ve worked with Jonathan for quite some time and can with no doubt recommend him. He has successfully prepared me for Proficiency and thereby brought my English onto another level. His lessons were always well-structured and the summarising notes very helpful. He used variety of materials and modified them depending on my individual needs. Jonathan always had sufficient answers to my never ending questions, and when it came to exam questions – his techniques made them look easy and straightforward. All in all, I think that Jonathan is a very competent teacher.


I feel comfortable in the lessons because Jonathan is such an encouraging teacher. He is always ready to give me positive responses, like “Good!” “Brilliant!” “Well done!”, I really like it. I don’t need to feel stressed about the mistakes I make. I always know I will soon get fresh compliments from Jonathan the moment I do any better in the lesson, which makes me feel confident and comfortable about speaking in English!


These lessons are really cool! Jonathan chooses that theme that you like best and he makes the lessons very interesting and funny. He can understand me when I speak slowly, clumsily and sometimes in Russian. I like these lessons because they are interesting and fun.